1 Hour Documentary by Alexandra Branyon

Treasures from the Rubble

Amagansett Library Screening

Alabama Public Television presents “Treasures from the Rubble”

Broadcast Date
Sunday, June 22, 2014
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Alabama Public Television, Main



hamptons-take2Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival
Saturday, December 7, 2013, 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM, Bay Street Theatre, Sag Harbor


Middleton-FaithExtraordinary Panelists
WNPR’s Faith Middleton, Host of The Faith Middleton Show, is the moderator.

This event occurred on December 7, 2013 at the the American Hotel in Sag Harbor and the entire panel discussion is available on video in five parts:

The Story


The story of an art rebel who broke all rules for Southern women in order to live alone up north so that she could fulfill her dreams of dedicating her life to the creation of her art and leaving an inspiring legacy to her small Alabama hometown by establishing an art museum there.

“From the wreckage of the world around me came my art…”    – Lois Wilson

“A riveting documentary about a remarkable
life… Across my 33 years as a journalist,
Alexandra Branyon is among the best
storytellers I have encountered.”
– WNPR’s Faith Middleton, Host of The Faith Middleton Show

“We see some really great submissions. Treasures from the Rubble is one of them. A fantastic film. Really beautifully shot. Great production value. Great story. We fall in love with the character.”
– Leslie Ann Coles, Founder/Artistic Director, The Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

“Europeans revere the Outsider Artist and they can’t get enough of stories about American bohemians. France in particular will go for Treasures.”
– Joseph Coyle (former Time Inc Editor), Paris

“In Treasures from the Rubble, award-winning filmmaker Alexandra Branyon brings to life the story of Alabama-born Lois Wilson, a charmingly eccentric and prolific self-taught New York outsider artist and her decade long association with Fayette native Jack Black, retired newspaperman turned art collector, advocate and curator. Their shared vision of public space for outsider art to be exhibited and made available to the community, which would also provide creative learning opportunities for children, gave birth to the Fayette Museum of Art, one of Alabama’s most unique and significant cultural treasures. With a little help from legendary artist Jimmy Lee Sudduth, Alexandra narrates this wonderful southern story – a fitting tribute to Lois and Jack and the legacy they have left us.”
– Jim Harrison, III, Chairman, Alabama State Council on the Arts

Watch the trailer below

House of Representatives Resolution honoring “Treasures from the Rubble” at Tupelo Film Festival, 2012